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Olli Ella Cozy Dinkums collect them all dinkum rainbow illustration
dinkum rainbow illustration

Cozy Dinkums, so
cuddly and cute,
sleeping soundly in
their warm furry suits.

A bedtime companion
who never makes a peep,
so which Cozy Dinkum
will you keep?

Background patternBackground pattern
Fixed outfits
Gently weighted
Suitable from birth
Embroidered rainbow over the heart!
Lightweight for little hands
Cozy Dinkums doll illustration Cozy Dinkums doll illustration Cozy Dinkums doll illustration Cozy Dinkums doll illustration

Choose Your Cozy Dinkum



Yes, but only just - the plush cushiony Cozy outfits and ears make them a little bigger. 

The original Dozy Dinkums weigh 0.145kg/0.31 lb, The Cozy Dinkums weigh 0.16kg/0.35 lb 

The original Dozy Dinkums are 32cm/13” tall and the Cozy Dinkums bodies are about the same. They are slightly taller if you include their ears – Lamby Pip, Teddy Mini & Mousy Pickle are 35cm/14” tall and Bunny Moppet is 44cm/17”. You can find more detailed product information on each product page. 

This is the first range of Cozy Dinkums, the range will continue but the type of Cozy Dinkum Dolls will be different; Lamby Pip, Teddy Mini, Mousy Pickle & Bunny Moppet are the first of the collectible Cozy Dinkum range – in future we will create variations of styles and colours, so you can keep collecting new Cozy Dinkums over time! 

The fluffy onesie (complete with ears!) is non-removable. It is made from a super soft poly plush with an embroidered rainbow over the heart – made for newborns and big kids alike.  
You can find more detailed product information on each product page. 

The Cozy Dinkums love to snooze in our Baskets - they fit snuggly into the Piki Baskets our new Berry & Tarry Baskets.

Cozy Dinkums can fit in a Dinkum Doll Carrier and yes can fit in a Rattan Bring- Me Basket

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