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Holdie World - Oliliella

Holdie World

Welcome to the Holdie World; the wonderful realm of imaginative play for little ones. Here you'll find the Holdie Folk, the tiny inhabitants of Holdie Land, along with all the special things that exist in Holdie World, like the beloved Holdie Houses and stylish Holdie Furniture. Let's take a look around!

        Natural Materials
          Holdie Barn

          Holdie Barn

          63.75 USD Regular price 85.00 USD
          Holdie Forest Folk - Holly

          Holdie Forest Folk Holly

          9.96 USD Regular price 24.90 USD
          Holdie Forest Folk - Sage

          Holdie Forest Folk Sage

          9.96 USD Regular price 24.90 USD
          Holdie Folk - Cliff

          Holdie Folk Cliff

          17.90 USD
          Holdie Folk - Daisy

          Holdie Folk Daisy

          17.90 USD
          Holdie Folk - Fern

          Holdie Folk Fern

          17.90 USD
          Holdie Folk - Glen

          Holdie Folk Glen

          17.90 USD
          Holdie Folk - Hazel

          Holdie Folk Hazel

          17.90 USD
          Holdie Folk - June

          Holdie Folk June

          17.90 USD
          Holdie Folk - Leif

          Holdie Folk Leif

          17.90 USD
          Holdie Folk - Rei

          Holdie Folk Rei

          17.90 USD
          Holdie House

          Holdie House

          85.00 USD
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