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Beep Beep! Cozy Dinkums coming through in their very special DIY wagons

Beep Beep! Cozy Dinkums coming through in their very special DIY wagons

Beep Beep! Cozy Dinkums coming through in their very special DIY wagons. We've teamed up with the very talented cardboardfolk to create some trendy transportation for our Cozys to ride in Style. Follow along to create you own! 

It’s craft time!


  • 01Create the shape
    Close up your mailing box (use tape to secure it if required) then use a box cutter and steel ruler to cut out a rectangle in the top of the box.
    Our cut out is 10cm x 13cm.

  • 02Create your Cozy face
    Create a face for your wagon! Use the extra piece of cardboard to cut out ears and glue them to the front face of the box. We used coloured paper to cut out extra details for the ears and face and glued them in place. Then draw a sleepy face on your wagon to match your cozy dinkum!
  • 03Create your wheels
    Make some wheels for your wagon by cutting out 8 circles from the extra piece of cardboard, ours are 6cm in diameter. Glue the circles together in pairs to make 4 wheels.
  • 04Decorate your wheels
    Decorate the wheels by cutting out fun shapes from the coloured paper and gluing them on.
  • 05Make your wheels turn
    To make the wheels turn, poke holes in the centre of each wheel with the kebab skewer and cut the paper straw in half. Thread on one wheel, then ½ a straw, then another wheel onto the skewer - if you need, cut the skewer down to size to fit your box. Use a small drop of white glue to keep the wheels in place. Repeat for the other set of wheels.

  • 06Attach the wheels
    Attach the wheels to the underside of the wagon by using tape to stick the straw to the box.The kebab skewer should be able to turn freely inside the straw
  • 07Bring it all together
    Use a sharp pencil to poke a hole in the front of the wagon
    and thread through the string. Tie a thick knot on each end of the string to stop it from pulling through
  • 08Ride in style!
    Pop your Cozy Dinkum inside the wagon, ready to ride in style


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