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Olli Ella USA halloween dinkum

Makers of the Olli Ella Holdie House and Holdie Barn

Partners Since: 2016 

Employees: 115 

Female Staff: 59% 

Using a variety of traditional woodwork techniques combined with modern-day machinery to complete our Holdie Houses and Holdie Barn, our factory work to a high-quality standard with support of third-party inspections for safety & quality control. 

The raw materials sourced for the products is certificated by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which meets a global standard protecting nature through responsible forest management AND minimizing use of harmful pesticides. 

Sourcing appropriate wood that meets the structural requirements for our Holdie play pieces has been a challenge. Working closely with this maker has not only led to the development of our high-quality product but a strong and transparent relationship we are confident in growing well into the future.

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